What is SPIN?

Do you have enough contingency In place for your resource management? Do you have sufficient cover for holiday, sickness and or training days?

If the answer is no, then Golf Recruit are pleased to offer you the solution.

The Golf Recruit “SPIN” (Simulator Professions In place Now) service is designed to help you level resource shortages. It covers you for emergencies as well as foreseen events such as holiday, training and sickness. SPIN covers you day and night, around the clock.



The SPIN service is simple to use and simple to buy. You pay a retainer to have our professionals on call. Then, when you need them you just call and they turn up. They can be with you in as little as 24 hours or you can plan ahead and see them in a month – it is your choice.

SPIN works 7 days a week working for you. The professionals are available whenever you need them. In fact, our resource team comprises of proven dynamic professionals that have been working in similar environments. They are highly skilled in teaching, simulator technology, front of office and supporting roles. In fact, our professionals become yours, seamlessly integrating into your business when required.

Prior to contract commencement, each professional will undertake an induction to your company to ensure they are familiar with your process, procedures and best practice. 

By fixing your costs you can instantly save money and maximise revenue. All fees are inclusive. We take no commission for lessons or any commission based activity.

Golf Recruit will help you effectively manage your resourcing whilst ensuring that the excellent levels of service you deliver remain intact.

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Benefits of Using SPIN

Fixed Cost

All staff qualified with at least one years previous experience in a similar role

All staff pre inducted

Staff will wear company uniforms where required

All staff excel in customer facing skills

All staff will seamlessly integrate into the role

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